Monday, November 07, 2005

Don't Forget the Election Tomorrow, Californians!

(My goodness - they even have the 2006 Gubernatorial Election info up already!)

Please vote "No" on Proposition #78 and "Yes" on Proposition #79.

These are the Health Care Propositions. Do you want the Drug Companies' Proposition 78 or the Consumers' Proposition 79?

If you want to know why there are a billion TV commercials tauting "78", while there's almost no advertising for "79"?, well, look at how much money Big Drugs has.

Note that the AARP encourages a "No" vote on "78." Note also that the LWV, as well as many senior and consumer advocacy groups support "79."

And, while you're at it, vote "No" on Prop #76. It's not the answer to California's budget problems. Furthermore, we don't need a governor - Arnold or anyone - with more power than our governor presently has. Our three branches of government with its checks and balances is a wonderful thing - let's not mess with it.

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