Monday, October 17, 2005

MLB - Chicago White Sox/Los Angeles Angels Recap - Sox Win Pennant

From SoCal mid Severe Weather Alert - Winter Storm (OIOW, it's raining.)

This has been a conflicted pennant series for me - I'm an Angel fan, but was a Sox fan in my Chicago childhood.

In fact, I'll confess to cheering on the Go Go White Sox in that 1959 series. I haven't forgiven the Dodgers since, in spite of the fact that I now live in L.A.

So, I was an Angels fan during the play-offs, but will now put on my Chicago (White Sox) "hat" for the World Series. Hey, maybe the Sox can do this time what they couldn't do back in 1959? And, I have to wait this long for them to do it? (OTOH, I'm also a Cubs fan, so 'nuff said. If the Cubs can win one before I'm dead, it would be a good thing, seriously.)

So, bummed about the Angels loss. They folded after that goofy ump call a few games back, the wusses. And where was The Man from Vlad, the All-Star, the Angels' big bucks player? El Guerrero, The Warrior? The Angels were not hitting; their pitching fell apart at the end. While the Sox pitching was near-miracle. How many complete games did their starters have at the end? The Sox got the job done; the Angels did not.

Baseball fans in Chicago must be eating this up. They have died and gone to heaven, believe me. Ha, I wonder if even the Cubs fans are supporting the South-Siders?

Now, on to my sweet home Chicago and the World Series...!

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