Friday, November 10, 2006

Students at Calif college ban Pledge of Allegiance

Students at Calif college ban Pledge of Allegiance - Yahoo! News (Reuters)

I can speak with some authority on this, as this college mentioned - Orange Coast College - is a part of the Coast Community College District, which employed me, and which all my children and myself attended. I've never been a part of Orange Coast College myself, although my son has attended that particular college for some of his courses.

It's just over in Costa Mesa. I've been there.

Since Orange County is, over-all, a rather conservative and Republican place, I would think that this incident is more college kids acting out than it is anything else. My guess is that 95% of the student body would not agree (and, generally, probably weren't even paying attention). It would rile the kids who are active conservatives. I can see some potential for conflict between the "No-Pledge kids" and the flag-waving types.

Welcome to O.C.

Speaking of student clashes, in recent times some Muslim and Jewish students have been clashing over at U.C. Irvine (University of California, Irvine campus). A tiny bit of the Middle East right here in O.C.? (Kinda weird, frankly. And, note, that overwhelmingly, O.C. is neither very Muslim nor very Jewish. Note, also, that The Crystal Cathedral is here, also the "Purpose-Driven Life" author/minister and his church. Go figure.) Again, college kids acting out?

Remember college campuses in the '60s?? (Of course, there was the draft then...)

An aside: Interesting election, eh?

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