Monday, December 05, 2005

Dean: GOP Will Use Immigration to Divide

Dean: GOP Will Use Immigration to Divide - Yahoo! News

While Dean's rather a loose cannon (yes, I winced when he started his screaming that Primary night and wished he'd cut it out, 'cause it made him look a little too crazy), remember that he was the first Democrat to speak up and talk like one after 9/11 instead of sticking his finger in the air to see which way the wind was blowing first, as most of the other Democrats do.

Anyway, the Dean headline: I don't like it. I think this is horse hockey, to be polite. What division? There's division in the Republican Party between the business people who appreciate the cheap illegal labor, and the Republicans concerned about the borders. As for the Democrats, when they're not too busy testing for which way the wind is blowing, are cautiously, as they are so often lately, trying to discern just where they're with at this issue. Ever the namby-pambys these days. We need another leader with lots of initials, perhaps: FDR, JFK, LBJ... Although Jimmy Carter's a good guy, in spite of his lack of initials ; )

A Leader.

This is one Democrat that does not appreciate illegal immigration - I think it is wrong and shouldn't be - and I am not alone. (Note that I am for immigration - I am the daughter of an immigrant! A legal immigrant, I might add, who learned English, became a citizen, always votes, fought in WWII, flies the *American* flag - not the Swedish of his homeland, celebrates Thanksgiving and 4th of July, etc.) I am really tired of those who whenever the "illegals" issue is brought up start yelling "racism." It's not about race! What race, anyway? There's no Mexican race. It's about legal vs. illegal. And, jeez, I wish more people would speak English instead of Spanish - at least want to. My family learned... I've helped scores of Vietnamese and Korean immigrants learn English - they wanted to learn, they knew it was important, "the language of opportunity" one student called it. But, anyway, I digress...

I don't agree with Dean - I don't think this is going to divide between the Republicans and the Democrats. This is not yet another "gay marriage" monkey wrench to throw into an election, to keep us from having serious discussion about the truly important issues facing this country.

I'm overdue for checking out that Kennedy-McCain proposal on this subject... Whatever these two can get together on can't be too bad...?

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